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Big Island of Hawai'i
After working in Moloka'i, HI for a week, I tacked on a few personal days and flew to Kona to dive on the Big Island of Hawai'i for the weekend. I let Julie Cunningham, owner of Kona Coast Divers, set up everything for me. The studio accommodations at a nearby condo complex were great, and the diving was terrific. The only disappointment was that we didn't see any manta rays on our night dive (I know...the ocean is NOT a zoo!). The crew of Kona Coast Divers was wonderful. We had an "incident" with the boat while returning from one of our dives, but the crew handled the situation very skillfully (kudos to James) and professionally. I wouldn't hesitate to dive with them again.
moorish idols Left, Oblique onshore view of sea floor characterization map off Pu?ukohol? Heiau National Historic Site and Kawaihae Harbor, Hawai?i (from Cochran et al, 2007)
moorish idols Left, Below Left, Below Right: Moorish Idols
moorish idols moorish idols
Right: Four spot butterflyfish

Below Left and Below Right: Orangeband surgeonfish

fourspot butterflyfish
orangeband surgeonfish orangeband surgeonfish
moray eel Left: Moray eel

Below Left: Ornate butterflyfish

Below Right: Raccoon butterflyfish

ornate butterflyfish raccoon butterflyfish
Right: Green sea turtle

Below Left: Pufferfish in coral

Below Right: Pufferfish

green sea turtle
pufferfish in coral pufferfish
whitetip reef shark Left: Whitetip reef shark

Below Left: Trumpet triton

Below Right: Trumpet triton's operculum (door)

trumpet triton trumpet triton operculum