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About Me

I claim dual citizenship to two states: TX and CA. I was born in Texas, raised in California, went back to Texas as a senior in high school, and now I'm back in California. I think its a good combination, although I've got to admit I'm glad to be back where the weather is a bit more reasonable.

I graduated from high school in TX and immediately went to work because I had no interest in college. After nearly thirteen years of my "business career", I finally got the nerve to continue my education. With the gracious help of my family I was able to attend Baylor University where I graduated summa cum laude with a BSc in Geology. My focus of study was on the geomorphology and biodiversity of some coral reefs in Jamaica, where I also became interested in using remote-sensing techniques as a tool for ecosystem assessment. This led into my studies at the University of California in Santa Cruz, where I received my MSc in Marine Science in December 1999. My Masters thesis study uses hyperspectral remote sensing techniques to study a wetland area along California's central coast. I currently work for the U.S. Geological Survey Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center (PCMSC) in Santa Cruz, CA. On the scientific side of things, I'm involved in coral reef studies throughout the Pacific and with the California Seafloor Mapping Project. I'm also transitioning more and more into administrative and managment duties for the PCMSC. Well, heck, you can read all about this stuff on my resume and the research section of my website.

I enjoy SCUBA diving, and have traveled to many fascinating places for both research and on vacations (many with my friends from Scubaland Adventures in Austin, TX). I also enjoy camping in our retro Shasta Airflyte trailer, loving on my two dogs, and going geocaching ( an activity similar to a high-tech scavenger hunt using GPS). I also love taking walks on the beach, day trips, reading, wine tasting, listening to good music, longer-than-day trips, bowling, watching old classic movies, seeing exciting new places, and learning about different customs and food.

So much for a brief introduction! Now get going and cruise around my Little Corner of Paradise (cyber-speaking that is). I hope you enjoy your stay.