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Bonaire - Netherland Antilles
Slave huts Located 50 miles north of Venezuela, Bonaire is the second largest of the Netherland Antilles islands. The island is 24 miles (37km) long and 3-7 miles (5-11km) wide. The southern end of the island is barely above sea level, and contains vast salt flats. Although the salt works are now a modern industry, in the 1600's slaves working the salt pans slept in these little huts (left) along the beach.
Back when diving was just becoming popular, Bonaire had the foresight to designate the entire area surrounding the island to a depth of 200 feet (61m) as a marine park where nothing may be taken except photographs, and nothing may be left behind except bubbles. Due to their efforts, the diving at Bonaire still remains spectacular.

Right: Coral and zooanthids

cup corals
sponge purple vase sponge
Above Left: Brittle stars inside a sponge.

Above Right: More sponges.

Below Left: Porcupine puffer fish.

Below Right: Orange cup corals.

puffer orange cup coral
Susei diving Bonaire During my travels to Bonaire, I've stayed at Captain Don's Habitat and at the Sand Dollar Beach Club. Both hotel and dive operations were great, and both had fantastic shore diving available right off their docks. Don't forget to rent a car while on the island so you can visit other fabulous shore dive sites just a short drive away.
Nothing is better than sunset on Bonaire (right). For more fantastic pictures of Bonaire, be sure to visit my friend, Roy Stedman's, home page at http://enigma.sss.org/~shred/ or visit the island's home page at http://www.bonaire.org.