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Cabo San Lucas - Baja California Sur
Lands End Almost everyone recognizes the view of the arches of Land's End (left) at the very southern tip of Baja California. Our dive around this tip end actually encompassed the waters of both the Sea of Cortez (AKA Gulf of California) and the Pacific Ocean at the same time. Kinda cool, I thought!
We stayed at the Hotel Calinda Beach just a few kilometers from town. Their cozy pueblo-looking rooms and flower-rich courtyards (right) were only surpassed by their pools and hot tubs. One swimming pool cascades into a second pool, and the third pool has a swim-up bar. Their three hot-tubs are situated at the edge of the cliff face and offer spectacular views while you're relaxing with the waves crashing up from below! Hotel Calinda Beach
Rick and Susie with Marlin If you get a chance to go to Cabo, be sure to book a day-trip with one of the deep sea fishing charter boats found in the harbor. While I can't take credit for this 104 inch 154 lb marlin that my fishing partner caught (left), I did reel in a nice Dolphinfish (AKA Dorado - not to be confused with the dolphin mammal).