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Friends and Family

Left: Me with my mom and dad, sister, and brother-in-law. This photo is quite old (late 1990s)

Below Left: My beloved bichon frise, Mitzi (1998-2001).

Below Right: Me on Moloka'i (c. 2001).

Right and Below Left: My neice, Jenna, a few weeks old in December 2000. I fell in love with this little outfit I saw at a boutique in Soquel, CA and had to buy it.

Below Right: My neice, Jenna, 3.5 months old. This is one of my favorite outfits that her mommy got her.

Fast forward almost seven years, here's my nephew Garrett in late 2006, nearly 3 years old. Clearly he suffers from "second child syndrom" as evidenced by the lack of photos LOL. Gotta love the one of him in the golf outfit! Both my niece and nephew are quite lovely teenagers now.

Below Left: My partner, Shari, and I at an annual luau thrown by one of my hula sisters.

Below Right: Our Bichon's Pearl (1 yo) and Izzie (2 yo) in 2011.

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