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Guanaja - Bay of Honduras
crinoid Guanaja is one of the three frequently visited islands in the Bay of Honduras - the other two being Utila and Roatan. An exciting plane landing for our connection in Tegucigalpa was just the beginning of a week of fun (for those of you who have flown through there, you'll know what I'm talking about)! At the time we visited, the only inhabitants of the actual island of Guanaja were two resorts and what they called an airport - a tarmac strip laid down in a mangrove swamp.

Left: Brittle star on soft coral.

The "town" is built, not on the island proper, but on stilts just offshore a bit. There are no roads on the island - the only way to get around is by boat. We stayed at the Posada Del Sol resort which was originally some rich-man's tropical paradise mansion, now with added hotel rooms and jungle-foilage-covered cottages. It was very nice when I visited, although I understand it may be closed now.

Right: Angelfish

French Angelfish
seahorse I was amazed at my first glimpse of a seahorse (left). I thought they were supposed to be tiny (like the ones you see in cheezy beach-gift shops). This little cutie was the same length as my hand.
The waters of Guanaja were abundant with these purple tunicates (right). I thought they resembled underwater Texas Bluebonnets! purple tunicates