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Jamaica - West Indies
Discovery Bay Marine Lab Left: Discovery Bay Marine Lab (DBML)

Facilities at DBML, a part of the University of the West Indies, include a wet lab, dry lab, library, equipment room, full diving facilities including the only hyperbaric chamber on the island, dormitories, kitchen facilities, and apartment flats.

Red Buoy dive site Braco dive site
These are just a few of my favorite photos over the years:

Above Left: Sea urchins and coral.

Above Right: Zooanthids, bubble algae, and halimeda algae.

Below Left: Scattered spines of a dead sea urchin.

Below Right: A local fisherman shows off his catch.

sea urchin local Jamaican with fish
What could be better after a hard day's work than an ice cream and a hug from one of my favorite people, Leonard (right)! That's my best friend from Baylor, Candice, standing to the right of me. She and the rest of the students from the Baylor in Jamaica trip were a great help in collecting the underwater data for my undergraduate thesis. They were a terrific dive team and are fondly referred to as "SCUBA slaves". Leonard, the ice cream man
Susie at Blue Mtn Cafe gardens Left: This picture was taken of me in the gardens of the Blue Mountain Cafe at the crest of the famous Jamaican Blue Mountains.