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Maui, Hawaiian Islands
During field studies on Maui, our USGS team set up workspace at the Maui Ocean Center for building and deployment of field equipment. The MOC is a very nice aquarium, and I highly recommend a visit if you're ever on the island. Photos by S. Cochran and M. Field.
Maui Ocean Center building USGS instruments
Above Left: Landscaping and some of the tanks that are outdoors at the Maui Ocean Center.

Above Right: Our USGS team workshop behind the scenes at the Maui Ocean Center.

Below Left: The Alyce C with captain Joe Reich arrives at Ma'alaea Harbor from Moloka'i to assist us with our work.

Below Right: The USGS gang preparing to deploy some instruments off Maui.

Alyce C at Ma'alaea Harbor USGS gang on the Alyce C
diadema and baby damsels Left: Baby damselfish hiding in a diadema sea urchin.

Below Left: Eagle ray.

Below Right: This cute frogfish took up residence on our instrument tripod. He was a little miffed when we pulled the tripod at the end of the season.

eagle ray frogfish on tripod
Right: Soaring green sea turtle.

Below Left: Green sea turtle resting.

Below Right: Green sea turtle up close.

green sea turtle
green sea turtle green sea turtle
pennant butterflyfish Left: Pennant butterflyfish.

Below Left: Raccoon butterflyfish.

Below Right: Moray eel.

raccoon butterflyfish moray eel
Right: Pocket of solitary fungia spp. coral tucked in other corals on the reef.

Below Left and Below Right: Olowalu Gulch on west Maui.

fungia and other corals
Olowalu Gulch Olowalu Gulch
Olowalu Stream Left: Olowalu Stream.

Below Left: USGS stream gage on Olowalu Stream.

Below Right: Beautiful home on Olowalu coast, available for weddings etc.

USGS stream gage on Olowalu Stream Olowalu coast house
Right: Ruins of old Olowalu Sugar Mill platform.

Below Left and Below Right: Ruins of old Olowalu Sugar Mill.

Olowalu Sugar Mill platform ruins
ruins of Olowalu Sugar Mill ruins of Olowalu Sugar Mill
Beware of sharks sign Left: Signage near Olowalu boat ramp.
Right: Beautiful three palms near Olowalu boat ramp Olowalu three palms