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I have been an active diver since 1992. I hold a PADI Advanced certification along with Night Diver, Boat Diver, Deep Diver, Underwater Photographer, and Coral Reef Diver specialties. I usually try to take (at least) one extended dive trip each year, and have been to such places as Grand Cayman, Cabo San Lucas, Bonaire, and Guanaja, Belize, and Fiji. Although I currently reside in the Monterey Bay CA area, I plan my dive trips with a group from Austin TX from Scubaland Adventures, a really great dive shop and travel agency owned by my friends Mike and Vickie Coker.

For my undergraduate study I spent three field seasons in Jamaica. I also spent a summer in Florida, and have been on several diving trips around Texas and in the Gulf of Mexico. In 1999, I began my job with the USGS, working on coral reefs in Hawai'i. Many of my recent travels are from mapping and monitoring fieldwork on these reefs.

If you want to see select photos from some of my trips, please click on the highlighted links below: